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Our lumpwood charcoal is supplied in conveniently sized 5kg bags, enough for a good family barbecue.  They contain medium size lump wood pieces which are a consistent size to give a high quality, even burn throughout.  This lumpwood charcoal is one of our most popular ranges as it gives excellent value for money without sacrificing quality.  It is made from pure hard wood with no additives, fillers or binding agents for a pure quality clean burn every time.

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Our lumpwood charcoal has all the qualities found in our premium quality restaurant charcoal, but with slightly small pieces.  It is easy to light and the smaller pieces mean it is ready to cook on at the optimum cooking temperature more quickly albeit with a slightly shorter burning time.  The lumpwood barbecue charcoal is easily manageable and easy to use with hardly any waste.  It is sieved during the packing process to remove dust and small fragments for the best quality cooking experience.  As our lumpwood cooking charcoal has absolutely no additives you can expect a great experience every time with that subtle barbecued taste unhindered by the chemicals and binding agents found in some brands.

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