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We only sell top quality products, and our restaurant charcoal is the best in the UK, thats the only reason our customers keep coming back.

Please note from 14th September 2019, we will only be able to deliver upto 750kgs on a 7.5t vehicle.

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Restaurant charcoal

LWP restaurant charcoal is the finest cooking charcoal available in the UK.Our restaurant charcoal is in bigger blocks than standard which means it stays at a consistent temperature for a longer period. This heat stability is the reason it is favoured in the restaurant business. Add to that its unique aroma, you can see why we have been selling the same product for over 5 years. Our restaurant charcoal comes in 12kg bags.

Lumpwood charcoal
All of LWP lumpwood charcoal is sourced from 100% sustainable sources. Lumpwood charcoal comes form the same producer as our restaraunt charcoal byt has the pieces too small for the restaurant charcoal grade. The smalle rpieces make it easier to light and it gets up to temperature quicker, but does have a shorter cooking time. It has a burn time for up to 4hrs per 5kg bag.  All our lumpwood charcoal comes 5kg bags.

Barbeque charcoal briquettes
We have high quality charcoal briquettes available in a range of different quantities in 5kg bags. Wicked good charcoal - The Weekend Warrior Blend. Excellent value for money without sacrificing quality. Our charcoal briquette bags contain medium charcoal briquettes made from pure hardwood and contains no binding agents, additives or fillers. The charcoal briquettes are responsibly sourced and have a uniform size and they reach optimal cooking temperature quickly. Sieved during production to remove shards and dust to ensure the best cooking experience.